Our dream is a world with a strong infrastructure of acceptance within each other and ourselves. If we can help to inspire a stronger sense of self-worth, we can all dance with a little more joy in our step!

Allow yourself to move naturally, to sound, to express emotions, to rebuild the contact with your own body. While practicing, we open new us. We make ourselves more sensual and body aware.


  • we use such body tools as: listening  to music, inner and outer rhythms, our voice
  • we move under a certain task, interacting with a partner/partners through sight, touch, breath, perception
  • we contact with a floor, air, space around us, some objects
  • we work with our requests coming from sport activities, everyday life, behavioral experience


  • to distress energy shortage
  • to like yourself and feel content with your appearance and body, to get rid of body shaming
  • to express your emotions and the will freely
  • to be satisfied with any relationships in your life
  • to understand your body signals
  • to add creativity and inspiration to anything you do, to find a new area of work
  • to find a hobby etc.

How we create safe & friendly atmosphere:

  • we practice with acceptance and constructive approach
  • we don’t estimate the participant’s behavior, don’t comment and interpret them
  • we respect the confidentiality: all the information, participant’s experience, insights we got evident remain in the class

Our Classes