Pilates is a body educating and training method that targets deep muscles.
It creates strength from inside out, rebalances body and turns it into correct posture. Pilates literally reshapes your body, and it becomes leaner and effectively toned. This technique helps to achieve the ideal balance between your strength and flexibility! This practice is a great way to relieve unnecessary stress and tensions.

Our pilates instructors share their professional experience in order you to reach your goals correctly excluding any traumas. Our Pilates classes in English last for 60 mins accordingly to the International standards.


  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Higher muscle strength and tone
  • Superlative respiratory system
  • Better lymphatic system work (less toxins in the body)
  • Circulatory system effectiveness
  • Stress level decline
  • Greater body shape
  • Healthier posture
  • Headaches reduction (are posture based)
  • Back pain elimination
  • Immunity advance
  • Bones density increase
  • Joints flexibility uplift
  • Bettered performance for dancers and athletes.


  • Releases stress
  • Increases concentration
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Brings emotional stability
  • Helps to relieve depression, anxiety
  • Helps to stop bad habits
  • Facilitates developing good habits: healthy eating, wellness, positive thinking
  • Helps to understand yourself – your real nature, goals and needs.

Why To Choose Pilates In Kiev?

Pilates in something very similar to yoga, but in something Pilates is very different from it. First of all, pilates and yoga are trainings aimed at improving and strengthening the body. During the training you do not have to do strength exercises and receptions. Also, neither pilates nor yoga will help you quickly get rid of extra pounds for the beach season! You will need to be engaged in a long time for both practices so that the result can be felt.
Honestly saying, it’s should be a life style, not a short term correction method.

Pilates is a relatively young type of fitness. It was wounded by Joseph Pilates in 20th century. His system was intially intended to help the wounded soldiers to get in shape. Now Pilates is used for the strength and endurance upgrowth. The basis of Pilates is exactly the physical state of a person, work on this program is conducted over the press and the muscles of the back. Pilates in Kiev is composed of both techniques, machine classes and matwork classes. We are glad to propose both types of exercises in our individual classes and group Pilates classes.

Pilates is also a system of healing, which is aimed to design a healthy and fit body. We can say, Pilates places skeleton and muscles in place.
The essence of Pilates exercises is the smooth execution of certain movements according to certain rules, almost always with repetition. Also, Pilates classes in English often take place with the use of additional equipment: elastic bands, fitball, special simulator (machines). Unlike in yoga, there is no certain philosophy in Pilates.

Both yoga classes and Pilates classes are constructed with moves training the mind and body, but yoga is inherent in the mind more.
Also the unlikeness between yoga and Pilates is in the respiratory manner. In Pilates, breathing is used to feed the muscles with oxygen, and in yoga, it is also used in order to control your body.

We warmly invite you to taste our Pilates classes, both individual and group.

Dear friends, when you are in doubt, then always come and always workout!

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