How it has started

Dean Collins, an influential swing dancer from the east coast, traveled too Hollywood get into the movie business. While there his style of dancing helped influence what would be come West Coast Swing. In 1988 West Coast Swing became the official state dance of California. The WCS style has continued to be influenced over the years and nowadays it is not just Californian anymore.
‘Hustle’, ‘Country Western’, ‘Shag’ and now ‘Zouk’ have helped shape the dance into what we know today.


  • Improves health and physical fitness
    Whether you are looking to lose weight or feel the burn, there is no doubt that dancing is exercise.  The best part is that because you are having fun, dancing tends to not feel like traditional cardiovascular exercise.
    Numerous studies have discovered that dancing frequently has positive health impacts such as improved circulation, increases in overall lung capacity, slowing the aging process, assisting in joint lubrication, better control over blood sugar levels, increased calorie burn, and improves stamina.
  • Improves your coordination, balance, posture
    In addition to the already mentioned physical benefits, learning dance also has other intrinsnic benefits for the body.
    Such benefits include strengthening and toning the stabilization muscles responsible for good balance and proper posture, while developing movements feet and arms lead to better coordination.
  • Strengthens mental abilities and reflexes
    As any social dancer has already experienced, dancing in a room with other people requires us to make quick decisions from both the leader and the follower.
    At any given moment in a dance, leads and follows are engaged in the current moment while determining what happens next using dance patterns, styling, and musicality. This type of split-second decision making in addition to dealing with many different situation actually sharpens the reflexes, improves reaction time, and helps keep our brain young.
    In other words, dancing just makes you smarter!
  • Improves emotional health such as stress management and self confidence

Dancing assists in healing depression and lowering stress levels by the natural process of raising endorphin levels and has the added benefit of elevating your mood!
All dances build individual body awareness which helps individuals feel more comfortable in their own skin, which in turn builds confidence. This confidence is useful in a variety of different situations that can greatly influence how someone approaches life’s problems, deals with pressure, and even can improve the way you look while walking.

Just see how it is beautiful and enjoyable:

There are only a few activities in life where we can communicate, connect and express our creativity at the same time.

It’s never late to enrich your life! Don’t hesitate )

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