Vibroacoustic Massage in Kiev Wellness International

Vibroacoustic massage using the Tibetan singing bowls (also called as ‘nada’ massage) is known for more than 2.5 thousand years.

The therapeutic effect of this technique is based on the frequency fluctuation of the sound produced by the bowls resonating with the organs, bodily systems, and the entire human body as a whole.

Massage with singing bowls is regarded as one of the most powerful tools to effectively eliminate stress. Vibrations of singing bowls stimulate blocked body parts with healing frequencies.

Sound vibrations during the vibroacoustic therapy pass small waves through all body parts reaching even the tips of fingers. Unhindered circulation of energy begins again with the life-giving sounds of the singing bowls, and self-healing mechanisms are boosted in your body.

One of the main mechanisms of sound effect produced by the Tibetan bowls is the process that ensures right-sided polarization of the generated acoustic signal — coherent sound wave is formed by repeatedly re-reflecting in the resonating bowl being a fractal, correctly polarized, focused in a given volume.
Polarization of healthy cells is known to be always right-sided and the total polarization of the whole organism is also right-sided (while pathological processes and factors have left-sided polarization).


  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Get rid of cramps in body and stress caused by negative emotions
  • Relax both physically and emotionally, get rid of insomnia
  • Synchronize both hemispheres of the brain, improve your ability to concentrate and enhance creativity
  • Harmonize respiration, which by itself can solve lots of problems
  • Improve hearing
  • Restore immune system
  • Raise vital energy

The session booked should be cancelled 12 hours in advance the latest.
Otherwise the full amount is charged. (Except for the force-majeur situations).

Effect of the Massage with Bowls and Other Resonators

Every cell of our body is a resonator responding to external vibrations and sounds by resonating to external waves.

This explains the effectiveness and harmonizing effects of singing bowl vibrations.
Warmly dressed, you lay in relaxation pose on a comfortable yoga mat and allow the sound to pass through your body. The bowls are sounding around you and can be placed on your body as well.

Studies prove that sound vibrations are capable of changing water structure when single-frequency waves are acting during long periods of time. The effectiveness of the bowls massage is explained by the fact that the human body consists more than 70% of water. By placing Tibetan bowls on the person’s skin and creating oscillations in the sound produced by the metal alloy, the massage therapist directs the waves to specifically interact with the water structures of the body, harmonizing internal processes:

  • – Eliminating tension in muscles
  • – Stimulating the lymph and blood flow
  • – Normalizing heart rate and blood pressure0
  • – Calming the mind
  • – Eliminating headaches, dizziness, spasms of neck muscles
  • – Removing muscle cramps and blocks
  • – Improving cell turgor pressure.

Sound massage with singing Tibetan bowls is suggested as a preventive measure to enhance overall well being.

Especially Effective Sound Massage is Intended for People:

  • – In depression, experiencing stress and emotional fatigue
  • – Suffering from insomnia;
  • – Anxious and easily irritated without significant reasons
  • – In unstable emotional state
  • – Suffering from soreness of the in muscles and joints, digestive and cardiovascular system
  • – Suffering from headaches and migraines

Typical Vibroacoustic Massage Session Overview

In addition to hearing with our ears, our body listens to sounds using all of its cells.
You will listen to your own internal sound merged with the sound of bowls, resonate with waves and dissolve in them.

Letting go of the mind, you will immerse your whole body in vibrations of the bowls.

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