By Ivan Lysyi

1)     Energy osteopathic session
– Correction of energy centers, dysfunctions elimination
– Treatment of internal organs problems
– Treatment of pick and chronic forms of viral and ENT diseases

2) Cosmetic osteopathy
– The treatment of bone and intracranial dysfunctions (chest, neck, face)
– Neural works with facial, trigeminal nerve and brains,
– Lifting of chest, neck, face

4) Massage session
– Osteopathic healing massage
– Energy massage with Cossack whip

Please wear comfortable elastic cloths with no prints, stones etc. Please do not intake coffee, cigarettes, medicine for 2 hrs before the session.

Time needed: appr. 1 – 1,5 hr (depends on a session)

How the massage or therapeutic session goes: 

    During the first visit, we ask for a Diagnostic &Consent Form to be filled in and signed by the client.
    Along or before the first session, some questions by our specialist can be asked (thus, after the 1st session, the diagnostic will be fully completed)
    We guarantee just a deep relaxation effect and a ‘reboot’ feeling after the 1 session.
    When people have specific therapeutic requests, they need a course of 3-6 sessions.
    (Frequency may be high 1/2days or low 1/2weeks).
    We can discuss and recommend the course duration only after the 1st session when diagnostic will be completed.
    So, a significant result can be reached by the series of sessions.

Our specialists are English speaking professionals.