Passive Yogic Massage (similar to Thai traditional)
A complex massage is performed from the fingertips to the top. It includes all muscles, joints and ligaments. It is performed on a special mate for clothing, without the oil use. The main methods are: pressure (fingers, palms, elbows, knees, feet), twisting and stretching.

Duration: 2 hrs.

Classic massage with oil
It is performed on a massage table using special creams and oils.
The main techniques are: stroking, rubbing, kneading and shaking. It is possible to work out individual zones.
The most popular complex for the spine , its duration is 50-55 min.
Duration: 2 hrs. full complex
Duration: 50-60 mins. (express massage) back, neck, head and shoulders

Reflex foot massage
Required element is a special warming spa for feet.
Every millimeter of the foot is connected to the corresponding body organ. The technique requires the oil usage and a special wooden stick for reflex work.
Duration: 1 hr.