Foot Reflex Massage In Kiev Wellness International

Every millimeter of your feet is connected to the corresponding body organs. Foot reflex massage technique implies usage of oil and a special wooden stick to activate body reflexes. The important element of foot reflexology treatment is a special warming spa for feet preceding the massage procedure.

The session booked should be cancelled 12 hours in advance the latest.
Otherwise the full amount is charged. (Except for the force-majeur situations).

Foot Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology studies how organs and bodily systems are affected by stimulation of points and zones on the skin surface. Reflexogenic zones are located on various parts of the human body — hands, feet, face, scalp, irises, auricles. Foot being the easiest body part to work with makes the feet massage a very pleasant procedure.

Positive effects of the foot reflex massage allow to prevent various diseases, ease tensed areas, relieve emotional and physical stress, as well as to bring the patient into a harmonious state of wellbeing.

The history of reflexology counts thousands of years. This technique was used by Indian and Chinese healers. The walls of Egyptian pyramids also contain drawings showing actions made on the points of the foot.

The therapeutic effect of foot reflex massage is possible due to the fact that every disease happens due to violation of energy flows in certain organs. Therefore, by influencing certain zones of a specific organ, it is possible to restore these energy flows.

From the point of view of Eastern medicine, by affecting foot zones using hands or mechanical devices the flow of energy is improved.
From the point of view of Western medicine, certain zones of the feet are connected to different organs via nervous tissues. And by acting on these zones, a stimulating effect is produced that improves the nutrition and regeneration of particular organs.

In addition to the therapeutic value of foot reflexology treatment, the reflexogenic zones are also important as diagnostic means. Feet have feedback zones connected with every organ, while each organ has such zones as well. This means that the disease of a particular organ is reflected in the appearance of a specific zone (skin color, redness, peeling, etc.). When the point or zone connected to the ill body part or organ is affected, the client may feel pain or tension, or increased sensitivity. Such a diagnosis can be made after several foot massage sessions. During the first 2-3 sessions, stress or redness may be associated with other causes.

Foot Reflexology Points

Foot massage therapy is a safe and effective treatment method, also acting as an additional disease prevention means.
Please note the following contraindications for affecting reflexogenic zones: small joint disease (arthrosis), diabetes, osteoporosis, pregnancy.

Foot Massage Benefits

– Stimulation of blood circulation.

Helps to relieve fatigue and bring your feet in order after a hard working day.

– Improvement of lymphatic drainage.

All foot massage moves are performed along the direction of the lymphatic channels, which consequently activates the immune system.

– General strengthening of the body.

Feet stimulation forces all internal organs to work, contributing to their faster recovery.

– Natural skin peeling.

Mechanical action during feet massage clears the top skin layer to enhance skin regeneration.

– Improved muscle tonicity.

Specific foot massage moves stimulate muscle reflexes relieving spasms and fatigue.

– Edema removal.

Metabolic processes are improved inside the tissues reducing accumulation of excess water in the lower limbs.

With regular foot reflex massage in Kiev Wellness International you will get significant changes in your life for the better by eliminating foot constitution defects (flat feet) and also getting rid of the “heavy legs” syndrome induced by heavy physical or sedentary work.

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