“Shiatsu” word means “finger pressure” in Japanese

Shiatsu is a natural, energy-focused, holistic Japanese massage therapy relying essentially on finger and palm pressure made to the rhythm of patient’s breathing.

Shiatsu Massage in Kiev Wellness International

Shiatsu massage gives you a deep feeling of physical and mental well-being. It helps to relieve back pains, as often the abdomen treatment could help to release a pain located in the back.

Shiatsu Massage Benefits:

  • Reduces stress and tensions, musculoskeletal disorders
  • Stimulates and strengthens your immune system
  • Equalizes your “energy network”

The biggest benefit is that the whole immune system is stimulated. Also, according to Shiatsu treatment practitioners, this massage affects the cardiovascular and nervous system, the muscles and endocrine system, as well as many other systems, thus stimulating the body to recover as quickly as possible.

Shiatsu massage awakens the immune system enabling it to fight the diseases in its own powerful ways.
Shiatsu is used to stimulate weakened immunity, musculoskeletal system, endocrine and blood circulation system, digestive tract and metabolic disorders, as well as the treatment for most respiratory diseases. This technique provides a more gentle effect, being as effective as acupressure. Shiatsu massage does not cause side effects, and it can be performed by everyone, without age restrictions.

Shiatsu massage treatment is performed on a patient laid down on the mat and being dressed in comfortable and loose clothes.

The session booked should be cancelled 12 hours in advance the latest.
Otherwise the full amount is charged. (Except for the force-majeur situations).

Shiatsu is a traditional method of massage therapy used in Japan since ancient times. Various methods of Japanese Shiatsu massage arose long before the Chinese acupuncture techniques have been established. The first official mention of the Shiatsu massage in the literature sources appeared in 1915.

Doctor Tokujiro Namikoshi, the founder of Japan Shiatsu College, developed a special classification of Shiatsu therapy, which relied on the fundamental knowledge of human physiology and anatomy. He systemized the preexisted healing experience and added a special technique. And, essentially, Shiatsu is based on applying pressure on the body using the palms and thumbs to help the body to recover.

In the early 1980s, Shiatsu massage therapy found their followers in North America and Europe. In the present days, the system developed by Namikoshi has a legal status, is widely spread and popular around the world.

The Essence and Basic Principles of Shiatsu

Essentially, Japanese Shiatsu massage technique is based on creating pressure on the human body with the help of palms and fingers. By pressing on the vital points of the body with certain intensity helps to maintain and further strengthen health. The difference between the Japanese Shiatsu method and Chinese acupuncture technique is that the preliminary diagnosis is not necessary for Shiatsu treatment.

General recommendations for Shiatsu massage in Kiev Wellness International:

  • – Frequent catarrhal and viral infections
  • – Chronic headaches
  • – Chronic acute pains in the back and neck area
  • – Rachiocampsis
  • – Osteochondrosis, sciatica
  • – High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • – Overweight, cellulite
  • – Age-related body changes

You are always welcome in Kiev Wellness International to receive this versatile, restoring Shiatsu treatment for your body!

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