Rehabilitation Massage Therapy in Kiev Wellness International

Recuperation of dysfunctions and bringing patients back to active life is the focus of rehabilitologists and rehabilitation massage therapists.

Rehabilitation massage therapy technics affect the body via skin, breath, cells, and organs reducing pain, improving functioning of the traumatized organs, and elevating body resistances. Therapeutic massage can restore muscle strength, extend range of motions, improve endurance and resistance to daily household and work loads.

Kinesiology is based on many fields including orthopedics and kinesiotherapy, anatomy and biomechanics, neurology and neurophysiology, ergonomics, rehabilitology, and sports medicine.

Another method of non-invasive manual therapy that does not require usage of drugs is Osteopathy. Osteopathic physicians do not only work with the suffering body parts, but also apply treatment to achieve equilibrium of all the body systems. Regular patients for osteopathy treatment are ones who receive injures while doing sports, or in everyday life.

Certain injuries require surgery, and patients need a careful rehabilitation of damaged tissues later.

It should be noted that rehabilitation is as important and crucial stage of treatment as the surgery itself. Surgical procedures never provide a complete cure without proper subsequent rehabilitation. Sports massage rehabilitation allows not only to consolidate positive results from the surgery, but also to prevent health complications, speed up the process of joint function recovery, and allow to return to an active lifestyle more quickly.

Do you need physical exercises to recover from injuries?

Many people think that it is better not to strain the damaged tissues after injuries and bruises, to have a complete rest, and to spend the rehabilitation period in a relaxed state without movement. Most doctors believe that lack of stress leads to slower dispersion of bruises and hematomas in the injured area, which can later lead to stagnant processes and low muscle tonicity.

The main and most effective methods of rehabilitation after injuries:

  1. Physiotherapy methods
  2. Professional rehabilitation massage
  3. Manual therapy methods (Cranio Sacral Therapy, Osteopathy, Kinesiology etc.)

Variety of activities and exercises aimed to recover from injuries can be used for:

  • Rehabilitation after joint surgery
  • Ligament repair after injuries
  • Other orthopedic rehabilitation

These techniques help to achieve partial or full normalization of a person’s condition:

  • An advanced therapeutic massage should be performed for rehabilitation after injury allowing to fully work out both muscles and ligaments, as well as biologically active points.
  • Manual muscle testing is carried out preliminarily to determine how weak the patient’s muscular apparatus is going to be after a scheduled injury.
  • Exercises aimed at post-isometric muscle relaxation are performed when the injured muscle is fully rested exactly after the exercise given to it.
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation method can be used as well.

This method is based on the fact that the diagonal-spiral movements are the most natural for the human body. In the first months of life, newborns perform precisely the spiral-diagonal muscular movements until they begin to walk and run. Recalling the “initial movement programs” that are natural for the body, the patient recovers his motor functions as quickly as possible, successfully combined with our rehabilitation massage.

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