Mom and Baby Yoga in Kiev Wellness International

We offer mom and baby yoga classes with a comprehensive set of exercises to strengthen communication and synergy between parents and babies, as well to promote healthy mutual growth.
Yoga for moms and babies is a perfect addition to baby massage allowing to amplify the combined benefits of movement and relaxation.

The instructors of mom and baby yoga studio offer an all-encompassing sense stimulation together with rhythmical movement for the babies to integrate experience and learn in the best way possible. Mom and baby yoga in English is an in-depth physical practice for parents and babies, which includes games and relaxation, singing and rhymes, stretching, holds, and massage.

Gradually, by rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, and walking, babies find out all the tricks to facilitate an easier transition between such childhood milestones. While performing all these activities with love and care at the time of most intense growth helps their brain to develop certain neuron networks that elevate feeling of happiness.

Mom and baby yoga in Kiev Wellness International allows you to discover your baby’s necessities, as well as appropriately and securely ease or enhance them to get into a state of wellbeing. While providing great benefits to your baby, you don’t have to know anything about yoga at all to start practicing it with your baby. Babies positively respond to joint movement and touch stimulation right from the birth.

Mom and baby yoga in English includes an exclusive range of well-thought practices, which can be easily combined to best suit any baby or toddler further accelerating their development:

  • Gentle body stroking
  • Specific yoga stretching for babies (light twists, easy stretches, movements for upper and lower parts of body, moving diagonally)
  • Joint postnatal and baby yoga exercises for young mothers
  • Moves based on rhymes
  • Mutual relaxation for parents and babies (instant relaxation, relaxation by walking, relaxation by feeding, relaxation to sleep)
  • Practices for transitional states (controlling head, trying to sit, crawl, stand, making first steps and jumps, as well as balancing)

Considering sedentary nature of modern urban lifestyle, mom and baby yoga training provides essential thorough physical stimulation. Every 5 minutes of our group and individual classes in Kiev Wellness International provide stretching substitute for an hour spend by your baby strapped in a home seat or car seat leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Mom & Baby Yoga Benefits

Through pregnancy, babies experience being rocked by their mothers. Gentle touching and certain movements after birth create foundation for synesthesia (sensory input unification — the way babies integrate their general sensory experiences by emotionally interacting with their parents or trusted persons).

Multiple practices of mom&baby yoga classes ensure that you handle your baby in an enjoyable way, beneficial at all stages of development. As babies express their delight and parents warmly respond, a growing amount of joy and delight is experienced by both parents and babies.

Please observe our hatha yoga instructors during the hatha yoga classes and you will see the benefits of this practice.

What is also important for moms is the communication and sharing possibility that our group classes provide. Mutual support and experience exchange helps moms to feel more confident and stay positive, and to feel all the support she needs.

Mom & Baby Yoga Classes for Body

  • By having short yoga sessions every day, babies physically accomplish as much of the activity as being entertained for a few hours. Our yoga classes for baby and mom provide daily guidance — a foundation for future regular exercises for parents enabling them to interact with their babies meaningfully from the very birth.
  • Mom & baby yoga training enhances and promotes better sleep.
  • Regular exercises ensure a more balanced behavior smoothing out emotional extremes.

Mom & Baby Yoga Effect for Physiology and Development

  • Stimulation of all physiological systems, including the nervous and digestive system.
  • Mom & baby yoga lessons keep your baby calm and peaceful between feeding, while helping to alleviate wind and colic.
  • Mom & baby yoga training makes babies less frustrated when they overcome barriers of development and go to another stage, assisting the transition at the same time.
  • Stimulating your baby by touch contributes to the brain and nervous system development.

Mom & Baby Yoga Impact for Psychological Condition

  • Mom and baby yoga classes enable the parents and babies to find out more about each other by communication and interaction techniques and activities, which are easy to learn and practice.
  • Introduction of new exercises is done to enable babies properly absorb new knowledge and enhance the ability to cope with challenges positively.
  • By actively interacting with parents, babies get a consistent foundation for future social life over the early childhood and further.
  • Benefits of mutual relaxation for parents and babies include improvement of non-verbal communication between them. By loving interaction, early birth traumas can be easily healed and resolved.

Typical Session Overview

Classes of yoga for moms and babies, as well as our proficient instructors create a warm friendly environment, ensuring lots of joy and strengthening confidence when handling your baby with a loving care.
Having their hearts and minds so open, babies are always eager to face new challenges.
Each yoga class in English provides beneficial interaction including touching, movement and rhythms that are followed by deep relaxation.
Ever-growing flexibility, balance and harmony are brought to the bodily systems by doing series of mom and baby yoga sequences.

Each movement and posture further promotes baby’s individual development by enhancing the flexibility and strengthening the body.

All our classes at the Kiev Wellness International studio start with a warm welcome to all the participants, providing simple guidelines to ensure that you and your baby spend your time together in a most beneficial way. You can feed, cuddle or even get your baby sleep though the sessions.

The sessions are made of yoga moves specifically created for babies and parents to make this shared experience a delight for both.

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