Four Hands Massage in Kiev Wellness International

The magic dance of the four hands massage (also called as a tandem massage) immerses you in a world of harmony and relaxation. The actions of the massage therapists could be synchronized, involve a large number of techniques and variations to a certain program, providing a unique, exclusive, professional whole body massage therapy in Kiev Wellness International.

The distinct features and exclusiveness of 4 hands massage is the synchronization of two therapists. The mastery is in maintaining the same tempo, same pressing force, as well as the accuracy when working with the trigger points.
Due to the fact that massage therapists simultaneously act on the left and right sides of the body, this type of massage is often called a tandem four hands massage.
The specialists in the massage filed emphasize the great value of this type of massage because it stimulates two hemispheres of the brain at the same time.

A competently performed four hands oil massage is one of the best natural ways to counteract the signs of stress.
You will hardly forget such experience and impressive effect to your body after this full body massage service.

The session booked should be cancelled 12 hours in advance the latest.
Otherwise the full amount is charged. (Except for the force-majeur situations).

A four hands massage can be either synchronous or just simultaneous, when one therapist is working on back area, for example, and the other is massaging legs. Thus, the brain of the massaged person does not have time to process signals from its receptors and just stops thinking, allowing the body to relax completely!

Four Hands Full Body Massage Benefits

This is an opportunity to get the most out of the massage session, spending half the time on it.

Deep kneading of muscles helps to relieve fatigue and accelerate the withdrawal of toxic substances from the body, meaning that you get a deep tissue body massage.
The blood circulation around the joints is stimulated making them more mobile and relieving muscular spasms where possible.
Your limbic system simply “turns off” any movement when 4 hands massage starts.

By acting on certain acupuncture points, professional full body massage activates blood circulation and stimulates the immune system, re-enabling body rejuvenation processes and increasing joints’ mobility.

Also a relaxing 4 hands massage improves flows of the body fluids and is essentially a drainage, vascular technique, providing a deep tissue treatment.
The procedure enhances lymphatic and intercellular fluid flows, which results in an improved metabolism and reinforced immunity system strength.
This in turns positively affects the kidneys and the excretory system.
Relaxing deep tissue 4 hands massage also strengthens the bronchopulmonary fluid circulation, improving lungs ventilation and ensuring uniform blood supply, while intensifying intestine peristalsis and the functioning of the endocrine glands.

Typical Four Hands Massage Session Overview

Our four hands full body massage service is provided by highly skilled professionals that have undergone numerous trainings. Massage therapists of this level are chosen from among many with special focus paid on the work experience and special training.

Professional full body four hands massage is performed by two massage therapists specifically learned to work synchronously with each other.
One hour of 4 hands massage is an equivalent of a one hour session performed by one therapist.

After the session you enter a relaxed and a peaceful state.
Be sure not to plan intense activities after the end of the massage session, as the body needs a certain amount of time, as the internal organs and systems are activated, switching the body into a state of increased internal functioning, which lowers the energy that can be used any external activity.
We recommend having a peaceful rest after such intense whole body massage therapy.

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