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At the first sight our yoga classes in English can look like only a series of physical postures. But if you continue your regular practice in our yoga studio, you will feel harmony and inner peace coming to your life.

Yoga postures (‘asanas’) exercise every part of the body, stretching and tonifying all muscles and joints, improving functions of spine and skeletal system.

Yoga works on internal organs, endocrine glands, nervous and all other systems of the body successfully as well. Releasing physical and mental tensions they liberate blocked energy and put negative emotions away. Breathing exercises (pranayama) help to control the mind, make it more calm and concentrated. Meditation helps to connect and listen to your True Self.

Did you know?

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline originated in ancient India many thousand years ago. Yoga means “Union” in Sanskrit. The ancient wisdom was adapted for modern western society and represents simple time-tested techniques and tools. Many people come to yoga as a way to make body fit and flexible or to relieve a specific complaint like backache or tension blocks.


  • Improves spine and joints functioning
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Reinforce immunity system
  • Release muscle tensions and blocks
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Makes you fit, lean and flexible
  • Makes you look and feel younger



  • Releases stress
  • Increases concentration
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Brings emotional stability
  • Helps to relieve depression, anxiety
  • Helps to stop bad habits
  • Facilitates developing good habits: healthy eating, wellness, positive thinking
  • Helps to understand yourself – your real nature, goals and needs.

Why Should I Practice Yoga At Yoga Studio Or At Home?

Yoga establishes harmony in your inner world and in relationships with external world. Yoga makes you balanced, centered and joyful.
Principles and tools of yoga learned in our yoga classes in English, group or Individual yoga class can be then applied in all areas of your life: professional, relationships,  emotional, stress management, goals achievement and others.

Please observe our yoga instructors during the yoga classes and you will see the benefits of this practice.

Yoga For Beginners In Kiev

Before you roll out the yoga mat, you will need to learn one thing: yoga has nothing common with conventional fitness. So, you don’t need to compete with other practitioners at yoga classes and work at the limit of your abilities. Even on the contrary, yoga instructor suggests that classes should be enjoyable, and in no case, do not challenge the body till it’s pain.

In case that after the Yoga in English class you will have muscle aches, it means that you have incorrectly picked up instructions for yourself and incorrectly used the load.

To avoid that, we can recommend you to take the individual yoga classes in English for some time to learn the basics in the right way.

So, at the beginning of your yoga way, it is necessary to practice easily! The main rule or principle of yoga is “ahimsa”, which means nonviolence to ourselves. In this regard, let’s practice as carefully as possible for the beginning on our yoga classes . If you suddenly begin to feel pain in the joints or fatigue, please stop and ask yourself what exactly you did wrong.

So the individual yoga classes in English will be very helpful for the correct and useful to your body start!

Doing yoga you stop looking for happiness and become a source of it!

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