Full Body Massage In Kiev Wellness International

Professional full body massage is performed on a massage table using special creams and oils. The main techniques are: stroking, rubbing, kneading and shaking. It is possible to work out on individual zones by your request.
Massage for couples (massage for two) are the great idea for your beloved ones to enrich your leasure time with each other.

It can be gentle or full body deep tissue massage, just say your preferences to our staff and they will do their best!

The session booked should be cancelled the latest – 12 hours in advance.
Otherwise the full amount is charged. (Except the force-majeur situations).

So, what does massage do and what are its useful properties?


  • For your skin

Your skin becomes pink and elastic due to increased blood supply during your body massage therapy.
Its resistance to mechanical and thermal outer influences increases.
When our therapists do stroking, there is an acceleration of the movement of lymph in the lymphatic vessels and stagnant phenomena in the veins are eliminated.
Such processes occur not only in the vessels located on the massaged area, but also in the vessels located next to it. The aspiration effect of massage after full body massage session is explained by the decrease in pressure in the massaged vessels. Increasing the skin-muscle tone, massage affects the appearance of the skin, making it smooth and supple. So, the deep tissue massage will serve to your skin in the best natural way possible.

  • For Your Joints

A good professional full body massage improves the supply of the joint and nearby tissues with blood, the formation and movement of the synovial fluid is accelerated. As a result, the ligaments become more elastic and you become more healthy!

  • For Your Nervous System

Body massage therapy by our specialists affects the peripheral and central nervous system directly and undirectly.
When the skin receives deep tissue massage, the nervous system reacts to mechanical irritation first. In this case, a whole stream of impulses from the numerous nerve-end organs, perceiving pressure, tactile and various temperature stimuli, is sent to the central nervous system.

  • For Your Respiratory System

Regular deep tissue body massage has a beneficial effect on smooth pulmonary musculature and facilitates the formation of conditioned reflexes.

  • For Your Blood And Lymphatic System

Professional full body massage delivers toning effect to the system of skin capillaries, which metabolize between the blood and surrounding tissues (lymph). So after a good full body massage session your capillaries are opened, and the temperature of massaged and nearby skin areas increases from 0.5 to 5 degrees!
It contributes to the improvement of detox processes and more intensive blood supply to your tissues.

  • For Your Metabolism

If you apply deep tissue body massage immediately after your exercise, the release of nitrogenous substances will increased by 15%. In addition, a professional full body massage accelerates the lactic acid release from your body.

  • For Your Muscles

Whole body massage therapy course leads to increased blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the muscles, improvement of oxidation-reduction processes.
At the same time, the muscles become more elastic, their contractile function is improved and the metabolic products are quickly removed from them.
Massage also affects the tone of the muscles depending on the techniques used.
It can occur as an increase in muscle tone (with a quick massage, short in time and superficial), and its reduction (when the massage is done slowly, more durably and with greater effort).
Full body massage helps to restore strength in a tired muscle and increases its performance. For example, a 5-minute massage has a greater effect on the muscle than a 20-minute rest. The fatigued muscles work harder after a massage 3-7 times!

In case of your muscles damage, muscle disease or innervating, our deep body massage prevents the development of atrophy.

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