Prenatal Massage in Kiev Wellness International

A common advice for all mothers expecting a baby is to act in a way avoiding harming the baby. That is why during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy it is recommended to avoid applying pressure on the so-called abortion zones on the woman’s body (base of the thumb, sacrum, Achilles tendon, coccyx and heel). Pressing these zones can trigger a disruption of the normal process of pregnancy. That is why only a very light maternity massage should be performed without stimulating these zones during the first three month of pregnancy. Such a light, relaxing and calm prenatal massage in Kiev Wellness Internationl will be really beneficial for both the pregnant mother and the baby.

Specific prenatal massage therapy is used during different pregnancy stages. If during the first months it is possible for a woman to lie on her stomach, at the later stages a prenatal massage therapist can only work on her pelvis, lower back and legs. And during the seventh month, it is even undesirable for a woman to lie on her stomach. The general recommendation for this period is to sit on a chair or lie on a side.

Prenatal Massage Benefits

Prenatal massage therapy during pregnancy allows to ease pains in different parts of the body including waist, spine, legs, neck, as well as hips and feet, while relaxing tensed muscles. Our prenatal massage therapists are able to reduce swelling, improve overall well-being, provide a stress relief and reduce fatigue. Thanks to prenatal massage sessions you will get improved circulation of blood, which is the key to successful transportation of the required amounts of oxygen and nutrients within the bodies of the child and mother.

1. Calms the nervous system

Clearly, if the mother is in a calm, peaceful state then the baby will stay calm and peaceful as well.

2. Stabilizes hormone levels

Pregnancy induces increase in hormone levels causing fluctuation of everyday mood. Prenatal massage allows to bring back hormone levels to optimum values and alleviate anxiety or even depression.

3. Improves blood circulation

Improved circulation of blood allows more nutrients and oxygen to be transported within the bodies of both the baby and mother. While stimulation of the lymphatic system during prenatal massage directly affects immunity as the removal of toxins starts to happen at greater pace.

4. Removes stress from musculofascial structures and joints

As baby’s body grows, progressively more stress is generated everyday for the entire back, hips, shoulders, legs, chest, feet and neck.

5. Solution for most physical complaints during pregnancy

Prenatal massage alleviates the most common complaints during pregnancy including respiratory distress, numbness, tingling of hands and fingers, headaches, sciatica, carpal and thoracic outlet syndromes, sinusitis, swelling of lower part of the body, heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids, indigestion, discomfort in muscles, back, hip, shoulder, leg, chest, feet and neck pains, varicosis, skin itching, and pregnancy rash.

6. Increases blood inflow to heart, placenta and uterus

Volume of blood in the cardiovascular system during pregnancy may increase by 60% compared to the state preceding pregnancy. As the baby grows inside the belly, the uterus enlarges progressively, pressing heavily on the pelvis which inhibits blood flow and creates stagnation processes.

7. Decreases overall blood pressure for both baby&mother

It is well known that heart rate and blood pressure are directly affected by stress. Prenatal massage improves flexibility of the skin and structures under it lowering the blood pressure to the appropriate levels.

8. Refines body posture and baby alignment

Your posture and baby alignment inside your belly may greatly change during the whole pregnancy period. Typically, increased tension and spasms of muscles being to appear with the extra weight added. Prenatal massage is known to increase flexibility of muscles as well as their tonicity making you able to easily cope with the loads created upon muscles and joints during pregnancy.

9. Self-concern

While you carry your baby during prenatal growth, large amounts of energy are consumed each day. That is why devoting time for yourself regularly is very important to be able to get through pregnancy in a healthy and easy way.

Contraindications To Prenatal Massage

  • – Any prohibitions by the therapist
  • – High blood pressure
  • – Acute respiratory diseases
  • – Significant toxicosis
  • – Infections
  • – Skin diseases
  • – Chronic cardiovascular system diseases
  • – Pronounced varicose veins with thrombosis

Ultimately, the state and feelings of the future mother during the pregnancy massage should be pleasant and comfortable. This should be taken as a reference to evaluate whether the massage is done correctly.

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