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Pregnancy yoga is useful and could be practiced by any woman, whether she is yoga experienced user or newcomer. Caring, relaxed and attentive approach in our classes offers a support that is often in demand during such body condition.

Prenatal yoga in Kiev is available in groups and individually. Individual classes can be provided both at your home or at our studio.

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

Prenatal Yoga in English training is often recommended to pregnant women due to it’s soft way of maintaining fitness with the anxiety reduction thanks to the special breathing and mental relaxation tools.
Such exercise system is probably the best way to prepare the mom’s body for upcoming labor, as well as to facilitate the course of the pregnancy. Toxins, excess weight, back pain, swelling, stretching can be avoided through regular exercises from the first days.

Pregnancy yoga classes help to create positive conditions for a growing baby right from the start. Unlike other sports, yoga does not take energy away from you, but on the contrary adds it.
Asanas (yoga postures) strengthen the uterus, so during labor it works most effectively. Yoga helps to improve blood flow in pelvic area and to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, and to train the spine. With that internal volume of the uterus expanding and it provides proper blood circulation, as a result it creates the necessary space for the baby moves.

Despite the pregnancy, there will be lightness in the body. And special breathing techniques will give a new feeling – clean and easy breathing.
Special meditation communication with the baby will help to establish contact with him.

Thanks to yoga, the muscles will find softness and elasticity and it will be possible to give birth to a baby very quickly, without tearing and in addition, maternity yoga helps:

  • establish hormonal balance, which means – save the fetus
  • relieve or completely remove toxemia
  • improve bowel function
  • avoid quick weight gain
  • prevent swelling and varicose veins in the legs
  • remove weight in the lower back
  • clear, restore breath
  • return the child to the correct position (head down), if he suddenly turned over
  • increase muscle elasticity
  • strengthen the uterus
  • feel happy

Prenatal Yoga classes are recommended for pregnant women, as it is the best way to relieve pain and normal pregnancy.

The healing effect is manifested not only during the performance of poses, but also during relaxation, when a person focuses on those organs or organ systems to which the action of the exercise is directed.

Both group yoga classes in Kiev for pregnant women and individual lessons guarantee safety, background knowledge and expertise under the Birthlight TM Training System which our instructors are happy to introduce. Such system for maternity yoga has been designed and tested over 30 years of organic growth and retains its originality and integrity.

The weeks following birth complete pregnancy as a ‘fourth trimester’ during which yoga can help new mothers to re-own their bodies and to get more comfortable in handling their babies. So we offer postnatal individual classes as well to the new mothers at a very convenient schedule and at home which is very comfortable! Postnatal yoga classes (post-birth) make easy the transition between pregnancy yoga classes and postnatal mom-and-baby yoga classes that new mothers can join at any time when they feel ready after giving birth.

Why It Is Worth To Practice Prenatal Yoga In Kiev. How to do it correctly?

What does yoga for pregnant women in different trimesters include?
In addition to moderate exercise and work with emotions, yoga also focuses on the respiratory system. This practice strengthens our health, improves blood supply in the body of mother and child.
It is very important that the mother does not have any health problems, otherwise the beginning of the training will have to be postponed to 12-18 weeks of pregnancy.

Yoga for pregnant women of 2 trimester.
At this time, the female body has become accustomed to its new state, there is already the toxicosis and nausea can decrease or finish. Yoga in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy will give the expectant mother an opportunity to strengthen the general physical condition, develop the muscles responsible for childbirth.

There are the certain rules for practicing yoga during this period:.

1- Since the uterus at this time increases in size, and the pelvic region becomes more vulnerable, it is necessary to refuse to perform complex strenuous exercises. Please don’t practice yoga if there is a threat of miscarriage, headache, shortness of breath or nausea.
2- Do not lie on your belly area, because there is a threat of miscarriage.

Yoga for pregnant women of 3 trimester.
The third trimester of pregnancy is its most difficult period. A large belly does not allow a pregnant woman to move quickly and easily.
In general, during this period, you want to lie more and not get off the sofa. If you are deciding whether yoga is needed in the 3rd semester of pregnancy for you, please ask your doctor.
Considering exercises in the third trimester of pregnancy, it is necessary to take into account the fact that during this period the lung volume is reduced by twenty percent, so dyspnea may occur during sports activities. Exercises that develop breathing will be very useful during such time.
In the 3rd trimester of pregnancy exercises for preparing for childbirth are very helpful and important.

This is the famous “Cats” pose, which is used in the second and in the first trimester.
Yoga in the third trimester of pregnancy is beneficial in that it greatly improves the well-being of a pregnant woman: the body will be better supplied with oxygen and the endocrine system will be stimulated. If the future mother masters yoga breathing practices well, then she will be able to avoid sharp pain during childbirth, and also allow the child to be born healthy and smoothly.

When And How To Start Pregnancy Yoga Classes In English

Prenatal yoga instructors say that you can start classes at any time of pregnancy. However, you always need to consider two factors: your time and level of your body fitness.
After the positive approval to practice yoga for pregnant with your doctor, you are welcome to join antenatal yoga group classes or individual classes that all are provided in English by Kiev Wellness International.

But there are limitations of course.
If you did not practice yoga before pregnancy, then you will need to go to a special group in which an experienced instructor works or even better to take individual classes. When performing exercises in yoga, all loads on the stomach are excluded, starting from the second trimester, all exercises lying on the abdomen area are excluded. Also, with hypertonia of the uterus, you need to give up yoga.

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