Professional massage therapist since 1996 till now.
Сhiropractor, physiotherapist, general practitioner, family doctor, exercise therapy instructor, coach.
Rehabilitation of post-traumatic conditions.
Working with neurological conditions of adult patients, with musculoskeletal system of children with developmental delays.

Studied at:
2017 – National University of Physical Education and Sports, Course for coaches and teachers (Kiev, Ukraine)
2015 – RockTape, Sports & Medical Taping, RockDoc Certificate # RTUAKV09151VZ (Kiev, Ukraine)
2014 – Upledger Institute, Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST), (USA).
2014 – School of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine “Rehabilitologist”, Kinesio taping, (Kiev, Ukraine). 2012-2013 Advanced training Institute of Sports Medicine “Wingate” (Israel).
1989-1995 Graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy (Krasnoyarsk, Russia).
Work experience:
2015 – to present – Doctor rehabilitologist, consultant in the “Association of Practitioners in Ukraine” (Kiev, Ukraine).
2014 – to present – Consultant and Physiotherapist at the Zhytomyr Regional Perinatal Center (Zhytomyr, Ukraine).
2014 – to present – Consultant and physiotherapist&rehabilitologist at the Ukrainian-German Clinic (Kiev, Ukraine). 2014 – participant of the BIOMEDEVICE exhibition (San Jose, USA).
2013 – Head department of “Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation” in the clinic “Adonis-Plus” (Kiev, Ukraine). 2013 – to present – Medical consultant at the OSC company. Initial reception of patients, counseling, rehabilitation measures for patients with oncological pathology. (Kiev, Ukraine).
2009-2012 – Physician&rehabilitologist at the Russian-Israeli clinic “On-Line Clinic” (Krasnoyarsk, Russia).
2001-2009 – Deputy chief physician for the medical part of the neurosurgical clinic “Intermed – Service” (Krasnoyarsk, Russia).
1996-2012 – Physician&rehabilitologist, nutritionist of sports teams of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, including the Russian women’s national powerlifting team.

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