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Duration: 1 hr 30 min
Optional combination: LD Massage + Aromatherapy OR Facial massage: 2 hrs
Optional combination: LD Massage + Aromatherapy + Facial massage:
2 hrs 30 min
Location: at the Kiev Wellness International studio, at your place

Start time frame: 10:00 – 20:00

Massage therapists:

It is performed on a massage table using special creams and oils.

The lymphatic system has no circulation of its own and requires movement to help prevent a blockage. If this movement is compromised, it can become sluggish and coagulated with a buildup of fluid.
So, the Lymphatic Drainage Massage stimulates a pumping and deep massage action to help encourage movement of the fluids around the body, reduces puffiness, thickened ankles and tired legs.

Lymphatic Drainage can be very effective in stimulating the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins. Clearing these blockages encourages the production and transportation of vital nutrients throughout the body.

NEW SERVICE! : + Aromatherapy (30 min) AND / OR + Facial massage (30 min)

Essential herbal oils have shown high effectiveness when used to treat a variety of diseases.
They balance the activity of the endocrine glands, activate the immune system, have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. They relieve emotional tension, headaches, stimulate vital energy, improve mood, and have a beneficial effect on respiratory, circulatory and digestive organs. Learn MORE about Aromatherapy at KWI.

Facial massage is an anti age and therapeutic method. The procedure has a complex effect, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin tone, enhances blood circulation, relieves swelling and so on. Thank to the blood circulation stimulation, your skin is saturated with oxygen, and the regenerative processes starts. Additionally, many facial muscles reflect emotional and stressed conditions. You will become more serene when those areas are released and relaxed.
As a result, you get a healthy and well-groomed appearance after the series of such treatments!


The session booked should be cancelled/rescheduled the latest – 6 hours in advance. 
Otherwise the full amount is charged.


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Additional information


At your location, At studio


No aromatherapy, Aromatherapy 30 min session (after massage)

Facial massage

No facial, Facial 30 min session (after massage)