My slogan:

Our body is the only material value that we really own, find contact with your body, and you will find happiness.

About myself:

  • My own practice experience in Pilates is more than 10 years.
  • My experience as a Pilates trainer is more than 6 years.
  • I lead classes in Russion, Ukrainian and English.
  • I have been getting education at the International Pilates University Fitness4you since 2015 by now.
  • I have got an experience of practicing yoga and Qi Gong for some period in my life, dynamic meditations and Osho groups, body oriented practices.
  • I have passed pre-professional education at Human Design System (Living Design, ABC, Rave Cartography, different seminars and workshops). I have got my own experience of my Design living more than 12 years. l use this knowledge and experience in my training practice, that helps me to understand the needs of people and make their practice more effective.
  • I am a mother of three wonderful girls, who stimulate and inspire me for self-developing and transformation all the time, since children are our main teachers.
  • I adore my job and love my family gently, I am thankful to the Life that gives me correct challenges so that I am able to understand the true human values.
  • My first education is the teacher of foreign languages and literature (English, German and French).

Certificates/ diplomas:

  • Intensive course of Pilates instructors training (seminars “Healthy back”, “Feet and Knee joints workout features”, “Shoulder girdle and neck workout features”, “Hip joints and lower back workout”)
  • Workshop “22 exercises for feet by Lolita San Miguel, and shoulder girdle relaxation”.
  • MK Pilates Matwork block 1, block 2.
  • Seminar “Pregnant women workout features”
  • Workshop “Foam and soft rollers”
  • A student of Lolita’s Legacy program.

Places of work:

  • Fitness center Interfit, Pilates trainer, O ctober 2014- January 2021.
  • Fetmata Studio, Pilates trainer, November 2014 by now.
  • KWI studio, Pilates trainer, June 2020 by now.

Benefits of training. You need Pilates if:

  • You have permanent back and joints pain and tension.
  • You feel often tired  and lack of energy.
  • You are constantly stressed and depressed.
  • You have got spine and musculoskeletal system disorders.
  • You want to restore after injuries or surgeries, pregnancy and birthing.
  • You want to be fit and healthy, ballance your mind and body, be calm and conscious.

Practicing Pilates you will:

  • Strengthen and restore your spine and joint.
  • Learn to do correct movements to strengthen your muscles, joints and bones, and make your body fit.
  • Make your body ballanced and flexible.
  • Feel ease of movement, inner harmony, peace of mind and body.

Own view of Pilates:

Pilates is my great passion and love, an enormous part of my life, being a hobby once became a profession. It is my job that is completely satisfying and challenging at the same time, which encourages me to improve my body and mind all the time.

Classes with Tanya